Derrin Gibbs Industrial Services

Helping Valley Businesses Thrive

We offer the following services:

Name Number Services
Dale Brisco Inc. 559-834-5926 Steel & Stainless steel fabrication Powder Coating
Rand Machine Works 559-233-1608 Large diameter and repair machining
Kings Canyon Wood Products 559-351-3280 Wood bins sales and repair for the nut and raisin industry
RB Insulation 559-291-5556 Pipe & Mechanical Insulation Contractor
San Joaquin Fire Protection 559-292-7111 Fire sprinkler installation, repair and inspection
All Tool Service 559-252-2879 Welder & Power Tool Repair
Energy Resources 559-438-4383 Boiler Installation, service and repair
High Point Consulting 559-432-4776 Individual and company performance consulting

Name Number Services
Production Services Company 559-888-2432 CNC production and repair machining
Dale Brisco Inc. 559-834-5926 Powder coating, Laser Cutting, Welding & Fabrication
Rand Machine Works 559-233-1608 Large diameter machining & Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
Nick Fisher Designs 559-978-0970 Part design and reverse engineering
All Tool Service 559-252-2879 Welder & Power Tool Repair
Bradley and Sons drilling 559-441-1401 Ag well drilling
Cutting Edge Precision 559-651-9911 Water Jet and Thick Plate Processing
KMS Mechanics Inc 559-804-4623 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair (Facilities and manufacturing)

About Us

Our goal is to provide industrial and MRO services from the finest companies in the valley. Whether you are in manufacturing, plant and facilities maintenance or construction we have the service providers to help reach your goals.

  • - Boiler Service And Repair
  • - Laser Cutting
  • - CNC Machining
  • - Powder Coating
  • - Repair Machining
  • - Large Diameter Machining
  • - Wood Bins For The Nut And Raisin Industry
  • - Food and Beverage Process Systems
  • - Power Tool and Equipment Repair
  • - Complete Metal Fabrication
  • - Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
  • - Industrial/Commercial Electrical
  • - Industrial Cutting Tool Sharpening
  • - Industrial Epoxy Floor & Wall Coating

Contact info

Derrin Gibbs
2307 N Fine Ave #114, Fresno, CA 93727
Office: (559) 573-8037
Cell: (559) 351-3280